Gold Touch 8 Ports HDMI Splitter

8 Ports HDMI Splitter

מק"ט: HDMI-S8 קטגוריה:



HDMI Splitter is a distribution hub that sends the same video output to two or more HDTV digital screens. It is a flexible solution that accommodates multiple displays. When two or more HDMI splitters are connected together, they can be used to create a larger distribution.

The HDMI Splitter is connected using a HDMI cable from the HDMI source to the HDMI splitter input. There are two HDMI outputs. HDMI output 1 is the primary connection and is used for the main display. HDMI output 8 follows the main display.


Splitsthe HDMI signal to 8 HDMI displays

Maintains480p,720p,720i,and 1080i,1080p resolutions

Connectstwo or more HDMI displays at the same time to the same video source

SupportsHDMI Audio to multiple displays

Uses HDMIcables to connect to the input and splitter output

Maintainshighest HDMI single link video resolution

FullyHDMI 1.4 compliant

Support 3D

SupportsHDCP compliant devices

Installsin seconds

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