701K Classic Tone and Probe Kit

Wire Tracker

מק"ט: HP-TRECK-701K קטגוריה:


Product Description:

The kit comprises the 77HP High Power Tone Generator and the 200EP Inductive Amplifier in a rugged woven polyester carrying case.

77HP Tone Generator

When it comes to tone generators, more technicians choose the 77HP over any other brand. The 77 series Tone Generators have become an industry standard component in the tool kit of technicians in all premises and outside plant wiring industries. The 77HP can be used on twisted pair wiring (telecom, data, security /alarm, audio and electrical), single conductors, coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring and just about any other wiring you can think of.

200EP Inductive Amplifier

Powerful receiver gain permits accurate identification in even the most congested cable bundles and equipment rooms. The 200EP includes a powerful 2 inch speaker and a recessed, on/off push button control to prevent accidental operation. The 200EP offers adjustable volume control for precise identification when tone signal ?bleed ? is affecting the identification process. Additionally, the 200EP includes recessed tabs for buttset or headset connection that, when connected, bypass the probes speaker. This is especially useful when working in noisy environments or locations where the speaker noise may disturb customers.


  • Fast, Accurate Wire Identification
  • Sends Tone to Identify Wires
  • Two Distinct Tone Signatures
  • Polarity Indication
  • Continuity Test
  • Talk Battery supply
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Visual and Signal Strength Indication
  • Large Speaker for Noisy Environments
  • Facility for Headset/Buttset connection
  • Choice of Metallic or Plastic Probe Tip
  • 2-Line Modular Test Lead
  • 3-Colour LED identifies AC Ring Voltage
  • Rugged Industrial Design

Power Source:

Battery:1 x 9V

Battery Life (nominal):50 hours


Operating Temperature:0 ?C to 50 ?C (32 ?F to 122 ?F)

Storage Temperature:-50 ?C to 75 ?C (-58 ?F to 167 ?F)

Relative Humidity:80%

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