Network Tester w/Tracker & 8 Remotes

Network Tester Kit with Tracker and 8 Remotes

מק"ט: HP-TESTER-NF388 קטגוריה:



Luggar NF-388 LAN & BNC Tester with 8 Network Wire Map Include Trecker

The NF-388 includes eight remotes that allow for the testing and mapping of eight wires at a time! Using the receivers built-In “Wire Map” feature technicians can see both the connected remote’s number, and verify that all wires in both RJ45 plugs are seated and wired correctly. Unlike competing models, the eight included NF-388 remotes have built-in speakers. When a remote is connected to the same wire as the receiver, the remote will pulse an audible tone.

If the need arises to troubleshoot a problematic wire, the receiver’s “Pair & Length” feature will show the length of each connected pair. This makes finding a fault in a problematic cable a breeze! Once the NF-388 finds the distance to the fault, the SCAN feature is used.

The SCAN feature allows for tracing wires with the included inductive toner wand. While the NF-388 is mainly designed for network installers, the receiver has four SCAN jacks including USB, BNC, RJ11/12, and RJ45 jack. When operated in SCAN mode, the receiver sends an inductive signal through these four jacks. The inductive wand will pick up this signal and emit an audible tone when in the vicinity of the cable, making it easy to follow and trace wires.

If your job requires you to work with various coax, the NF-388 will map and test coaxial cable as well! Use the included RJ45 to BNC adapter on the transmitter, and connect the other end of your cable to the BNC on the remote. Within seconds you will find out if your cable is open or has a short!


  • Maps and Tests up to 8 Network Drops at a Time
  • Measures Distance in each Pair of CAT5 and CAT6 cable
  • Checks for Correct Wiring in RJ45 Cables
  • SCAN Feature Allows for Tracking Wire and Cable
  • Built in Flashlight on Toner Wand
  • Built in Cable Calibration
  • Long Battery Life

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Main Receiver Unit
  • 8x Remotes
  • 1x Inductive Toner Wand
  • 1x Headphone Set
  • 1x RJ11 to Alligator Clip Adapter
  • 1x RJ45 to RJ45 Adapter
  • 1x RJ45 to BNC Adapter
  • 2x 9V Batteries
  • 1x Operation Manual
  • 1x Soft Carrying Case

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