Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Headphone TV Set – with TWO Headphones



שם מוצר: סט זוג אוזניות בלוטוס עם מתאם שמע ומעמד טעינה
יצרן: Avantree ( אוונטרי)
צבע: שחור / שחור ואדום

Type: Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Headphone TV Set with TWO Headphones, One Transmitter and Headphones Stand
Producer: Avantree
Color: Black /  Black & Red

Watch TV with a family member at one’s own volume
With two pairs of headphones you can watch TV together with a family member (or friend) without disturbing anyone
around you.

This HT41899 set is equipped with low latency technology – this reduces the streaming delay and ensures your audio
is in perfect synchronization with your TV. Enjoy watching your TV programs without any audio delay or lip sync error
on EITHER pair of headphones.

Intuitive and easy to use
Truly ‘Plug & Play’ – just turn them on and our headphones and transmitter connect automatically. It’s as simple and
easy as pressing a button.

Color-coded gray and red buttons on the transmitter independently control the gray and red headphones.

Works with most TVs on the market
Whether you’re watching your favorite show on your new or old TV, our HT41899 can work with your device. It’s easily
compatible with any TV that has an optical, AUX/3.5mm or RCA audio output port.

Wireless connect with other devices
Headphones can also be paired and used with other ‘Bluetooth transmitter devices – including your phone, tablet, PC
or TV! The transmitter can be used with any Bluetooth receiver devices including other headphones or speakers in
your home.

Ultra-long play time
Unlike most headphones on the market, these are specifically designed for extended periods of use. With one full
charge delivering up to 40 hours of use, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery!

Personal TV headphones
Whether you are hard of hearing or just enjoy the full volume capacity of your favorite shows, our over the ear headset
allows you full range of sound-without being constantly told to turn it down! Ideal for the hearing impaired and their
families. Also, ideal for users during the evening or with children for watching TV without disturbing those asleep/

Comfortable for long time wear
Both wireless over the ear headphones feature an adjustable headband allowing for the perfect fit with your own head
size and the earbuds are made of skin sensitive soft protein ensuring long-term use comfort. An ideal choice for
extended periods of audio streaming TV or videos.

Specifications for headphones:

• Model No.: BTHS-AS9S

• Bluetooth version: V5.0

• Supported profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

• Audio codec support: FastStream, SBC

• Operating range: Class 2, up to 30 ft/10m

• Operating time: up to 40 hours play time and 20 days standby time

• Driver size: 40mm

• Impedance: 32 ohm

• Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

• Net weight: 200g

Specifications for transmitter:

• Model No.: BTTC-418-P

• Bluetooth version: V5.0

• Supported profiles: A2DP, HFP, AVRCP

• Audio codec support: aptX-LL, FastStream, aptX, SBC

• Operating range: Class 1, up to 100ft/30m

• Power supply: 5V/500mA-2A rated USB charger or TV USB port

• Power port: USB-A

Specifications for headphones stand:

• Base Diameter: 17 x 11 x 1.3cm

• Stand Height: 25cm

• Weight: 490g+/- 5g

What’s in the box

Headphone (BTHS-AS9S) X 2
Transmitter (BTTC-418-P) X 1
Headphones stand X 1
Micro USB power cable x 2
Optical audio cable X 1
3.5mm audio cable X 1