Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range Transmitter & Receiver – Oasis Plus


צפו בסרטון הדרכה להתקנת המוצר – המוצרף בסוף תיאור המוצר (בתחתית העמוד)

מק"ט: AV-BTTC-500P-GRY1 קטגוריות: , , , ,


שם מוצר:

מתאם בלוטוס 5.0 לטווח רחוק להעברת שמע מהטלוויזיה / מחשב / מקרן קול (סאונד-בר)

יצרן: Avantree ( אוונטרי)
צבע: שחור
מידע נוסף:

>   גרסת בלוטוס מתקדמת – גרסה 5.0
>   מאריך טווח – עד 50 מטר !

>   העברת נתונים מהירה מאוד – ללא השהייה בין תמונה לשמע
>   איכות שמע מעולה וצליל נקי
>   התחברות והשמעה ממגוון מוצרי בלוטוס
>   ניתן לחבר לשני מוצרי בלוטוס בו זמנית!
>   לחצנים שימושיים – בקרת עוצמת שמע

Type: Oasis Plus – Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter & Receiver
Producer: Avantree
Color: Black

Bluetooth 5.0 Multi-function Audio Hub for Your Home

Use as a Transmitter to wirelessly stream audio from your TV to Bluetooth headphones/
speakers, or as a Receiver to enableyour soundbar/home theatre to receive music
streamed from your phone.

Compatible with – any TV and all Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth speakers

What is Latency?
Latency is the period of delay for an audio signal to be digitally processed. When using
wireless headphones to watch TV you might experience this as a ‘lip-sync’ error between
the audio and what’s happening on the screen. This can cause the viewing experience to
become disjointed and erratic. Our transmitters use aptX-Low Latency technology which
corrects this.

Dual-Link – No Lip-Sync Delay
Simultaneously stream audio to 2 headphones or speakers with no delay while watching TV,
movies or gaming.

NOTE: To achieve low latency (<40ms delay ) receiving device (headphones/speaker) must
also support aptX Low Latency or you may experience a 70-220ms delay. Most brands of
headphones (e.g. Sony, Bose) currently do not support aptX LL.

Excellent Sound Quality
Qualcomm aptX HD audio ensures compatible Bluetooth devices deliver High Definition
(HD) audio. It preserves sound data throughout the audio transmission, resulting in a
‘better-than-CD’ listening experience.

Extended Long Range
Experience the wireless freedom of walking anywhere in the house! The Oasis Plus can reach
a range of up to 164’ in open line-of-sight conditions and up to 50-70’ indoors.

NOTE: Operation range can be affected by physical obstructions and wireless interference.

Intuitive User Interface

Full-featured voice guidance, clear status indicators and readily accessible buttons and ports
make the Oasis Plus incredibly easy to set up and use.


  • Bluetooth Version – V5.0
  • Audio codec support – aptX-HD, aptX-LL, aptX, FastStream, SBC
  • Audio Formats – PCM / LPCM (Set your TV audio as PCM/LPCM format)
  • Bluetooth Profiles – A2DP, AVRCP
  • Operation Range up to – Class 1, up to 164 ft / 50m
  • Input voltage/ current – DC 5V/ 500mA
  • Product Weight – 0.32 kgs
  • Product Size – 11.4 cm X 7.5 cm X 3 cm

What’s in the box:

  • Avantree Oasis Plus
  • USB cable
  • Optical cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • 3.5mm female to RCA male cable
  • User manual