DP To HDMI 4K@30Hz Cable

1.8m, 3m, 5m

מק"ט: CH-DP-HDMI-1.8-4K30 קטגוריות: , ,


Type: Passive DP To HDMI Cable Support 4K@30Hz
Producer: Gold Touch
Length: 1.8m, 3m, 5m
Connectors: Male To Male
Color: Black

Gold Touch Passive DisplayPort 1.2Ver. to HDMI® Cable let you output HDMI video and Audio
from a DP device, supported Ultra HD 4K at 30Hz.

Gold Touch Cable let you harness the video capabilities that are built into your DisplayPort devises,
to deliver the astonishing quality of UHD to your display. This makes it easier for you to multitask
while using multiple monitors to work on resource-demanding applications.

Connector BConnector ALengthDescriptionProduct Number
HDMI (M)DP (M)1.8mDP To HDMI Cable 4K@30Hz PassiveCH-DP-HDMI-1.8-4K30
HDMI (M)DP (M)3mDP To HDMI Cable 4K@30Hz PassiveCH-DP-HDMI-3-4K30
HDMI (M)DP (M)5mDP To HDMI Cable 4K@30Hz PassiveCH-DP-HDMI-5-4K30
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