Luggar CAT5e Patch Cord Cross Cable

2m, 5m, 10m

מק"ט: CAT5E-CROSS-2M קטגוריה:


Crossover cables should only be used for direct network connections. For the reason described above, attempting to connect a computer to an old router or network switch with a crossover cable instead of a normal cable, can prevent the link from functioning.
These cables can be specially purchased through various electronics outlets. Hobbyists and some IT professionals might prefer to make their own crossover cables instead.
A straight-through cable can be relatively quickly converted into a crossover cable by removing the connector and reattaching the wires with the appropriate transmit and receive wires crossed.
  • CAT5e FTP Cable
  • Color: Light grey
  • Length: 2m, 5m, 10m
  • CAT5e specification patch cable crossover with moulded connectors
  • Foil twisted pair (FTP) shielded network cable to reduce interference
  • Suitable direct network connections
  • RJ45 plug each end
Luggar CAT5e FTP Cross Over 2m Gray2 מטרCAT5E-CROSS-2M
Luggar CAT5e FTP Cross Over 5m Gray5 מטרCAT5E-CROSS-5M
Luggar CAT5e FTP Cross Over 10m Gray10 מטרCAT5E-CROSS-10M
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