Mini DP To HDMI Cable 4K@30Hz



מק"ט: CH-MINI-DP-HDMI-3-4K30 קטגוריות: , ,


Type: Mini DP To HDMI Cable 4K@30Hz
Length: 3m
Connectors: Male to Male
Color: White

Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI cable connects your mDP host to a HDMI display/monitor.
Supports Ultra HD 4K 30Hz (3840×2160) or 4096×2160 @ 24Hz video. HDCP 1.4, DPCP.
Backward compatible with 1080p.

Passive Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable with flexible design
Supports mDP++ source including Thunderbolt 1 & 2 MacBooks, MacBook Air & Mac Mini,
Microsoft Surface Pro 1-6, desktops (AMD FirePro/NVidia Quadro), laptops, mini itx
computers, Intel NUC & docks.

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