USB Fingerprint Reader – Top Touch

להורדת הוראות הפעלה והתקנה – לחץ כאן
מק"ט: E-USB-FT קטגוריות: , , , ,


Type: Gold Touch USB Type A Fingerprint Reader – Top Touch
Color: Silver

This USB product allows you to lock and unlock your computer with your fingerprint.


  • Fingerprint Scanner Dongle
  • 360° Fingerprint Recognition
  • Multi Finger Recognition
  • Reading in 0.5s with self-learning
  • Smart ID Software for Access Management
  • Files and Folders Encryption/decryption by Touch
  • Durable Metal Housing
  • Support Windows 10/11 32/64 bits

Item Description:

  • Weight 5g
  • Dimension 21.4x17x12mm
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